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We bring together the best web designers from across the globe to compete head-to-head in a live Figma Arena. We call it the Relume Rumble, and this is the Relume Design League.

relume rumble 001

relume rumble 002


1 v 1

Each Rumble consists of two players/designers going head-to-head inside the Figma Arena.

30 mins

Players have 30 mins to come up with a design based on the brief provided during the stream.


All our Rumbles will be broadcasted live to our Relume YouTube channel hosted by @thejoshloh.

audience votes

At the end of the Rumble, we open up a poll to let the audience casts their votes to decide the winner.

next tournament

Start and End Date
Oct 6 - Oct 27 ET
4 games / 4 weeks
No. of Players
4 players
Prize Money
$3,000 USD

"If you get the chance to do this, it’s fun, it’s worth it. It’s our version of Iron Chef, but with Figma and it’s not something we get to do often. It’s tough, but I’d happily do it again."

Design Contestant, Relume Rumble 002

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